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A political thriller of our times...

At times, our Republic needs patriotic men and women who understand and embrace our Constitution, follow its guidance and embrace its values. Now is one of those times.

Powers Not Delegated

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 Can a third party save the Republic?

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A Nation in Turmoil

It is election night and President-elect Ben Thorpe basks in victory only to be brought back to earth by a phone call from his benefactor, a powerful man who expects much for the billions that made Thorpe’s election possible.

Though the world becomes increasingly volatile, corruption distracts the Thorpe Administration on many levels…manipulation of the world’s securities and currency markets; attempts to fraudulently alter Census data to impact apportionment; blackmail of a Supreme Court Justice to influence an important First Amendment case.  As its crimes are exposed, the Administration must eliminate the emerging threats to its power.

The Administration’s appeasement policies result in unintended consequences.  A resurgent Al Qaeda senses weakness and renews attacks on the US.  Iran, threatened by the success of Iraq’s political and economic democracy, must take action.

The out-of-power Republicans lose touch with the electorate and drift aimlessly, trading their principles for anticipated success based on political expediency.  

Against this backdrop, Tyler Armistead faces enormous obstacles if he chooses to run for President as the Liberty Party candidate.  Tyler's successful and supportive wife, Ashley, helps him come to grips with himself and the demons resulting from combat during the First Gulf War. 

Remarkable courage displayed by a group of Governors and the CEO of an automobile company convince Tyler he must run.  But, can he win?  Can the reluctant Congressman from Georgia bring the country back from the abyss?

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